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The national winner will receive the title of Bingo Caller of the Year, a £500 prize as well as a trip for two to Los Angeles to call a bingo game in a Las Vegas casino

The next step for online bingo would be bingo on your cell phone and many software companies are completing this phenomenon as we speak. The possibilities are endless when it comes to everyone’s favorite game BINGO!!!

The online bingo room offers a special bonus; Deposit 10 pounds, and get free bingo games worth 10 pounds

The operations manager at Mecca Bingo Club said that the lucky lady was in total shock when she realized that she had won the money. She won both the national bingo game prize of £45,000 plus other prizes.

''The payouts on prize limits haven't been increased since 1973 and inflation has really eroded the amount of money that a person can win,'' said Barcia, who used to call bingo games at the Bay City YMCA.

The private equity Hermes branch, an investment fund group, is now bidding for the acquisition of UK’s Beacon Bingo Club. The group, which outlasted candidates like the Australian Bank, Macquarie, is holding exclusive talks with Thomas Holdings, the owner

The Rank Group, owner of U.K.'s Mecca Bingo and Hard Rock Cafe chains, recently inked a deal to sell several of its bingo parlors located across the country. The sale follows a recent announcement by Rank that revenues for its 14 Scottish bingo clubs had


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