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The National Lottery was launched in 1994 and has proved immensely successful with the British public. It has been run by Camelot ever since its inception and the company is also looking to bid for another license.

The new suite will include ten classic casino games, Keno is also available for adults who sign up and download the game onto their mobiles from the Spin3 wireless casino. The game offers a maximum jackpot of £500,000. Spin3 is the distributor of Microgam

The online ball caller offers a free and easy to use alternative to anyone who would like to host their own bingo games. Each call is randomly generated and the software keeps track of the last call. The operator simply clicks "Call Next Number" and reads

The only downside of this is that the prize pools will be much smaller and of course the chat room will be a lot quieter. When you consider that the interaction between bingo players is a large part of playing online bingo games it's not always the best i

The pair's lucky numbers are based on birthdays and anniversaries. Their previous best win before this was £70.

The pristine city of Hamilton, in Ontario, Canada, greatly values culture and the arts. Unfortunately, however, it appears as though a main arts promoter, Arts Hamilton, might have to discontinue its nonprofit operations due to a steep receipts decline in

The raids were conducted by Madison County law enforcement, the Indiana State Excise Police and some federal agencies. They stemmed from the arrest of former teamster boss, John Neal, on charges of organized gambling.


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